Angkor Wat, Ancient Temples and Major Siem Reap Attractions

Angkor Wat, Bayon and temples in Cambodia

See the amazing temples of Angkor Wat Preah Khan, Banteay Srei and many more!

Visit the Amazing, World Heritage Protected Temples of Angkor Wat & The Kingdom of Wonder

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Angkor Wat – A Wonder of the World! All countries within South East Asia have very distinct cultures and terrains. Cambodia is no exception boasting an exotic history with an imposing ancient Empire:- monolithic, philosophical, religious, powerful. Most of the remnants remain in the form of temples and archeological sites such as the world famous Angkor Wat : the core of which lies a few kilometres north of Siem Reap. Other sites radiate beyond the main cluster such as Banteay Srei, Kbal Spean , Koh Ker to the north east , Beng Mealea to the east and Roluos group to the south east. Much depends on our customer’s focus of interest in the history, architecture, religious impact, political significance and so on.

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Temples in Cambodia, Angkor Wat

Elephant rides around Angkor

There are many ways to create a suitable itinerary.  A good plan adopted by many is to visit the core cluster of temples (those within a 2 km arc including and beyond Angkor Wat ) within the first day. 4 to 5 sites is often the maximum that most people seem to be able to manage as there is a lot to explore and absorb. Sunrise and sunset might be considered but regularly attempt later in their programes.

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Tours at Tonle Sap, Angkor Wat

Boat Tours

On subsequent days, temple sites further out are considered and perhaps combined with visits to non-temple sites to avoid being overloaded with too much ancient architecture. (Temple burn out!) Below is a montage of images from Angkor Wat and surrounding temples, and of some other key activities and attractions. Two Dragons is happy to make recommendations, and to discuss and arrange suitable itineraries with you at all stages of your journey.

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Tour Guides and Drivers

Tour guide at Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Tour guides available

Tour guides are a big plus for those who want detail and support during their temple explorations. Please enquire with us for our highly recommended Tour Guides and personal drivers. Beyond the archeological sites there is a host of other activities just waiting for your attention;

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National Museum

Museum Angkor Wat Cambodia, Siem Reap

National Museum near Angkor Wat

Another aid to knowledge is the excellent National Museum which is en-route to the Angkor Wat Park admission booths. It’s at International Standards and well recommended by all those who have visited so far. It’s a fast track way of learning Khmer culture – ancient and modern- and can make the Cambodian discovery process more rewarding. Allow 2 – 3 hours for this.

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Volunteering in Cambodia

In the recent past Cambodia has faced some very traumatic circumstances, particularly in the form of a civil war. The impact still lingers in the form of social and commercial challenges. Although there are many positive signs of change and there is a plethora of organizations actively engaged to provide much needed support, there is still a need for more. If you are interested in finding out how you might help our suggestion is to start with a visit to a suitable organization who can advise and possibly facilitate.

Cambodia, volunteering near Angkor Wat, landmine orphans

Volunteering work in Cambodia

In addition, workshops may also be available to provide cultural insight and understanding to help the would-be volunteer make better informed choices. One such organization is CONCERT whose mission is to maximise the benefits from tourism and travel of all kinds for the most vulnerable people in Cambodia. Contact details for CONCERT; Tel +855 92 353 211, email, and for their webpage please click here

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Cambodia’s wet season

Often overlooked, avoided, feared, misrepresented, the wet season’s presence is felt between late May to November. Starting with short sharp showers in the early part of the season to days and nights of more prolonged down falls by the time we hit September. Very frequently the mornings are bright with afternoons and evenings interrupted with colourful crackling thunderstorms. Very seldom are the rains continuous throughout the day and night.

Cambodian sunset during the rainy season

Sunset during the rainy season

Each season has its own special characteristics and the wet season is possibly the most dramatic from an aesthetic point of view. Landscapes awaken, crops spring into life, various shades of young luminous greens pervade. Even Angkor Wat and its neighbouring temples take on spectacularly different textures, colours or hues. Skies become more varied and commanding, the combined sensory intake is a breathtaking and absolute experience.

We would recommend the wet season as much as any other. If you are considering a visit between June and November please contact us to discuss further. We would be happy to make the best and most opportune suggestions to improve your travel experience.

Russell and the team are always at hand to help our guests with the many things to do in and around Angkor Wat and Cambodia, please ask and we will do our very best to help you.